In a joint event with UNI Americas, the bankers of Ceará launch the 2022 Campaign


In a joint event with UNI Americas, the bankers of Ceará launch the 2022 Campaign
Last week, the National Bank Workers Union in Brazil launched a campaign to highlight the crucial role that bank workers play in the sector. The event was part of a large demonstration in defence of public banks and promoted by UNI Americas, which held its 5th Regional Conference in Fortaleza and brought together unions from 24 countries and 124 trade union organizations.
Demonstrators gathered in front of the BNB branch on Avenida Santos Dumont, in Aldeota, and marched to visit branches in Caixa Santos Dumont and the BB Superintendency.
Additionally, bank employees from Ceará visited the branches of Bradesco, Itaú, Santander and Caixa Del Paseo, to highlight the crucial role bank employees play. The campaign will use the hashtag #BoraGanharEsseJogo to underline the fundamental role finance workers played to keep banks running throughout a debilitating global pandemic.
Activists distributed a special campaign newspaper, outlining the union’s main demands.
Bank workers want a real-terms increase of 5% (INPC +5%) to stay in line with inflation. Workers desperately need the pay increase just in order to afford basic amenities amidst a growing cost-of-living crisis which is impacting working people all over the world. The union is also calling for the end of abusive targets and better working conditions.
“We need popular support for our campaign – we fight for our rights, for the end of outsourcing, and improved staffing to provide a better service to the population. Our fight is for everyone,” said the President of the Ceará Banking Workers Union, Carlos Eduardo.