Creative Skills Europe, the European platform for employment and training in the audiovisual and live performance sectors, is a partnership led by UNI MEI in cooperation with European employers’ associations (public broadcasters, producers and live performance stakeholders) and sister organisations representing performers, musicians and journalists.

On the 4th and 5th of June,  the project gathered over 60 participants in Paris to discuss initiatives put in place across Europe, through social dialogue frameworks or other types of partnerships between unions and employers, to enhance skills’ development for sector professionals.

In times of strong political pressures to “better match the training offer to the demands of the labour market” what role for sector-level initiatives led by management and labour? And how to preserve existing sector frameworks when policymakers always ask for more ‘efficiency’ in ‘cost control’?  

Through an exchange of experiences and practices, participants could confront the realities of their national contexts, get inspired by others, and start planning actions for the future. The discussions will continue in the coming months. Stay tuned and visit the project website for more information: www.creativeskillseurope.euttive