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UNI Asia & Pacific recently held a training on “The Fundamentals of Trade Union Organizing” in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The training event saw the active participation of 33 organizers representing 14 different unions. Employing an engaging and interactive approach, participants applied the acquired skills throughout the training sessions

During the training, the participants engaged in discussions encompassing crucial aspects of trade union organizing, such as leadership, power, and resources. They learned effective techniques for utilizing storytelling to motivate workers to take action and methods for identifying workplace issues. Distributed leadership structures were discussed as well as how to identify and develop potential workplace leaders.

Participants workshopped and practiced how to effectively ask others to join the union. Participants refreshed their knowledge on planning and strategy and the different stages of an organizing campaign. The training culminated in the participants preparing a plan and presenting how they will implement it in their workplaces using the skills learnt during the training.

Mr. Seemab Ali, an Executive Member of the All Pakistan DMO’s Employees & Workers Union, conveyed his gratitude to both his leadership and UNI APRO for nominating him to attend the organizing workshop. During the group sessions, Mr. Ali gained increased confidence in team-building skills and effectively inviting members to join the union with assurance. 

Miss Sahrish Ujjan, Organizing Secretary of PBIFEF said “I learnt the importance of story-telling for organizing workers especially as women we face a lot of common challenges and thus sharing our stories builds trust and solidarity. The training inspired me to double my commitment to strategically organize workers, particularly women workers in the banking industry in Pakistan”.  

Mr. Nadeem Qaisar, Finance Secretary, Packages Converters Limited Workers Union expressed his enthusiasm for the workshop “I learnt so much from my peers during the workshop which will be beneficial for our current and future organizing work in Pakistan”  


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