UberEats contracted riders reach historic agreement in Switzerland


UberEats contracted riders reach historic agreement in Switzerland

Hundreds of riders of the Geneva-based app Chaskis SA, who deliver meals every day for UberEats, have won a new collective labour agreement (CLA) that raises their pay and gives them added labour protections and employment stability.  

“This agreement should also be a clear sign for other companies in the food delivery business working with the UberEat app: Fair employment conditions are possible and Syndicom will demand them, in Geneva and throughout Switzerland,” said David Roth, Syndicom’s Central Secretary responsible for the campaign.  

All Chaskis delivery staff will have an employment contract with minimum monthly shifts based on transparent work planning and a guaranteed income by 2022. With the implementation of this agreement, Chaskis AG is committed to offering its employees fair and equitable working conditions.  

Syndicom, the couriers’ union, has a framework agreement with 19 urban delivery companies throughout Switzerland, who are represented by the employers’ association Swiss Messenger Logistics. Chaskis joined the agreement for urban couriers this week, but it took several months of discussions and negotiations to adapt the working model to their new obligations.  

“With this agreement, Swiss unions can lead the way in the meal delivery business to ensure that riders finally get respect and dignity on the job,” said Cornelia Berger, UNI Global Union Head for Post and Logistics.

Key achievements of the agreement:  

  • Stable contracts with a fixed rate of employment for all couriers.  
  • Social security contributions, insures its employees against accidents and compensates them in case of illness.  
  • Guarantees a fixed working week of between 3 and 40 hours  
  • Minimum 2 hours shifts  
  • Offers a minimum wage of 20.65 francs (excluding holidays and public holidays), 23.14 francs in Geneva (cantonal minimum wage).  
  • Provides compensation for the cleaning of equipment, for the use of a private bicycle and for the use of a private mobile phone.  

Read more about the win on Syndicom’s website.