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Workers at Amazon’s Coventry fulfilment centre begin balloting in a legally binding vote for union rights. The GMB union, an affiliate of UNI Global Union, has announced today that the ballot for union recognition at Amazon UK has begun.

“We stand in solidarity with the workers at Amazon’s Coventry fulfilment centre. This ballot represents a crucial step towards securing better working conditions and fair treatment for thousands of Amazon employees,” said Mathias Bolton, UNI Global Union’s Head of Commerce. 

We hope for a positive outcome that will pave the way for meaningful negotiations and improvements in the workplace. This vote is not just about union recognition; it’s about dignity, respect, and the right to a better future for all workers.”

Over 3000 Amazon workers will now take part in a month long process which will see voting take place at the retail giant’s Coventry fulfilment centre.

The legally binding vote, overseen by the Government’s Central Arbitration Committee, could result in Amazon being forced to recognize a trade union.

Recognition would mean Amazon would be forced to negotiate with GMB on terms, pay and conditions for Amazon workers at the site.

The vote could see Amazon forced to recognize a trade union for the first time in UK history.

The strike vote comes after the yearlong dispute between GMB union members and Amazon, which has seen over thirty days of strike action.

Amazon have been slammed in recent weeks for union-busting tactics in the lead up to the ballot and is already facing a legal challenge for pressuring workers into cancelling their union membership.

Workplace meetings on the ballot will begin from today [Wednesday 19 June] with voting will take place in the workplace and by post from Saturday 8 July. A result will be announced after Monday 15 July.

Amanda Gearing, GMB Senior Organizer, said: “This is an historic moment. Amazon is one of the world’s most hostile and anti-union employers. They’re a multi-billion-pound global company investing huge energy to resist efforts by working class people in Coventry to fight for a better life. But right here Coventry Amazon workers have rejected Amazon’s attempts to smash their union. Instead, they’ve stood up to be counted and demanded the chance to vote on union recognition. Now Amazon workers, now the bosses, will decide”.



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