UNI Global Union’s Media, Entertainment & Arts (UNI MEI) department and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) held the first in a series of joint webinars to promote climate action in the broadcasting industry on 14 March.

Gathering 40 participants from UNI MEI unions in the Asia-Pacific region and ABU members, the meeting underlined the media’s important role in combatting climate change and highlighted practical tools for adopting green production practices.

In their opening remarks, UNI Asia & Pacific Regional Secretary Rajendra Acharya and ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem expressed gratitude for this inaugural joint action following the MOU signed last year. Rajendra highlighted the growing importance of climate issues across various UNI sectors and welcomed the collaboration with ABU. Nadeem emphasized the media’s significant role in public communication, noting the increased acceptance and coverage of climate change discussions. He expressed optimism about future collaborative activities between UNI Apro MEI and ABU.

The panel discussion, featuring Russell Isaac (ABU), Daphne Tepper (UNI MEI), and Biena Michelle Magbitang, Director of Climate Tracker Asia, offered valuable insights as they shared their experiences with how the media has the potential to drive climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Daphne Tepper from UNI MEI presented the outcomes of a project mapping over 110 resources across 19 European countries, including tools, initiatives, guides, carbon calculators, and training programs. The project’s outputs included capacity-building seminars, a green production booklet, and an online database, showcasing actionable steps within the media sector.

This joint webinar marked a significant milestone in the collaboration between ABU and UNI Global Union, laying the groundwork for further joint efforts to promote sustainability and green practices in the Asia-Pacific region’s broadcasting industry.