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UNI Americas and CONLATINGRAF sign an agreement to protect graphical workers


UNI Americas and CONLATINGRAF sign an agreement to protect graphical workers

During the Regional Executive Committee, the Latin American Confederation of the Graphical Industry, CONLATINGRAF and UNI Americas, signed an agreement to continue developing joint work to ensure that printing companies survive the current crisis and can contribute to the economic recovery when restrictions will be lifted, in addition to calling on the respective governments to count on their support. This declaration covers a wide range of important issues such as the safety and health of workers, the strengthening of social dialogue between companies and unions, among other aspects, and calls on unions and national employers’ organizations to work in unity.

Héctor Cordero, president of CONLATINGRAF, stated: “We have had many difficulties, not only because of COVID19, but even before. We must join efforts so that governments take into account that there are essential sectors that must be supported, that will allow societies to improve. This declaration that we are signing is an important step to carry this out. I am at your service, we have had a relationship for many years with UNI and we must continue on that path. ” The printing industry in the Americas, made up mostly of small and medium-sized companies, has seen the production of prints and publications affected by this health crisis. This situation has blatantly hit the lives of workers in this sector, who, in addition to suffering the attacks of this pandemic, also have to face the social and financial crisis caused by the global quarantine.

This sector of the graphical industry plays an important role in UNI, by spreading culture and promoting critical thinking. This is why UNI Americas Graphical & Packaging and CONLATINGRAF, which comprises more than 65,000 companies in different countries, have joined efforts to request, through this joint declaration, a specific plan to help the sector face the global health crisis. Héctor Daer, president of UNI Americas, said: “The workers of the region and of the world are suffering from this unprecedented crisis. We already have a history with CONLATINGRAF of communion and agreements, and we want to continue having it so that it favors societies in a more harmonious and balanced world. “

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