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UNI Americas Property Services Conference demands justice for essential frontline workers


UNI Americas Property Services Conference demands justice for essential frontline workers

At this week’s conference of UNI America’s Property Services sector in Fortaleza, unions from all over the region came together to demand respect, justice and dignity on the job for essential workers.

Over the past two years, cleaners and security guards continued working at great personal risk to their health and safety. The fact that they were never adequately compensated for their work during the pandemic’s peak demonstrates the inequality in an underpaid, undervalued sector.

Christy Hoffman, UNI Global Union General Secretary said: “Property Service workers are organizing all over the world to build union power and collective bargaining. Throughout the pandemic, their bravery and hard work inspired us – now we must be motivated to push for fair pay, justice and dignity on the job for cleaners and security guards.”

The cleaning and security sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with workers forced to toil through a deadly virus for low-pay, long-hours and little recognition. UNI Property Services is working hard to ensure that workers in the sector get the fair deal at work their service deserves.

“The past two years have often been isolating for workers, but the pandemic has also brought us together to organize and bring people together to build a better working world. I’m excited to have this opportunity to come together and plot the way forward to strengthen union power in our sector,” said Renata Souza of SIEMACO Piracicaba.

Moacyr Pereira said, “This is a crucial moment, not only for Brazilians but for the Americas. In Chile, Colombia and Argentina we are seeing political victories for the left that we must build on to win for workers. In October, we are hoping to see a similar win for the left in Brazil and to oust Bolsonaro.”

The conference ended with a rallying call to organize workers, build union power, and raise industry standards with better pay and safe work.