UNI Americas raises concerns over sale of HSBC Argentina to Banco Galicia


UNI Americas raises concerns over sale of HSBC Argentina to Banco Galicia

UNI Americas has voiced concerns over the potential ramifications of the sale of HSBC Argentina to Banco Galicia. In an official announcement made in a message to its clients today, the sale to Banco Galicia was confirmed, yet workers were the last to receive this crucial piece of information.

“Workers livelihoods must be first in this transition,” said UNI Americas Regional Secretary Marcio Monzane. “With nearly 3000 workers and their families impacted by this development, it’s unacceptable for workers to be the last to receive information on their futures.”

“We stand in full solidarity and support with our affiliates in Argentina and urge the company to do the right thing and protect their jobs.”

Alongside its affiliate La Bancaria, UNI Americas has requested that the Secretary of Labour facilitates a meeting between La Bancaria and management from both banks in order to provide clarity on the situation.

Despite these efforts, there has been no response from the Ministry of Labour to address the concerns of workers.

In an international show of support, UNITE, a UNI affiliate from the United Kingdom has also joined the call for transparency and adherence to labour laws. They have reached out to HSBC’s headquarters in the UK, to urge the company to comply with their contractual obligations to safeguard jobs and honour longstanding collective bargaining agreements.

UNI Americas had previously expressed apprehension for workers’ wellbeing in March, when it emerged that HSBC Bank Argentina was considering withdrawing from the country.



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