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UNI applauds DGA tentative agreement, vows to continue its support for the WGA


UNI applauds DGA tentative agreement, vows to continue its support for the WGA

UNI Global Union applauds the Directors Guild of America, which announced this week that it has reached an ‘historic’ tentative agreement with the Hollywood producers’ negotiation body, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

The DGA National Board has unanimously approved and recommended its members ratify the new three-year collective agreement, which includes key gains on remuneration (particularly with regard to global residuals), safety on set, creativity and diversity.

Nonetheless, TV and film production in the U.S. remains in the balance, as UNI affiliates, the Writers’ Guild of America East and Writers Guild of America West, continue to strike against the AMPTP.

Christy Hoffman, UNI General Secretary, said:

“We are delighted and encouraged to see that the DGA leadership team has reached an agreement with producers, which includes major breakthroughs for directors and their teams. Now, we urge the AMPTP to negotiate seriously and in good faith with our affiliates representing 11,500 screenwriters. Without their creativity there is no film and TV industry.”

UNI and its affiliates stood in support of the DGA as it fought for a new contract. Jon Avnet, DGA Negotiations Chair, acknowledged the solidarity: “This deal would not have been possible without the unity of the DGA membership, and we are grateful for the strong support of union members across the industry.”

In announcing the National Board’s approval of the contract, DGA President Lesli Linka Glatter added:

“Across the country, Directors and their teams, writers, actors, crews and drivers have shown unwavering resolve in demanding to share in the success of the films and television shows we create together. We are all union members and deserve to be compensated fairly for our contributions. We don’t bargain in a vacuum and the gains we have achieved in our tentative agreement would not have been possible without the strong support and unity of our members, and the solidarity of our sister Guilds and Unions. We continue to support the actors who are entering negotiations tomorrow and the writers who remain on strike. We stand firmly with SAG-AFTRA and the WGA in our shared fight for a vibrant, sustainable industry that fairly values us all.”

This month, on 14 June, UNI is joining with international and European writers’ organizations calling for a global day of action and is urging entertainment unions and their sister unions from other industries to show further solidarity with writers in the U.S.

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