UNI Apro Call for Essential Rights for Essential Workers on World Day for Decent Work


UNI Apro Call for Essential Rights for Essential Workers on World Day for Decent Work

Essential workers everywhere and throughout the Asia and Pacific region have kept communities running during the pandemic. 

They provide care to the sick and elderly, ensure communities stay fed, make sure that hospitals, airports, and other public spaces stay safe and sanitary. They also deliver packages and letters, and they ensure essential financial services remain available.

However, they have been overlooked and underpaid for far too long. 

We need a New Normal that respects and protects workers’ essential rights at work: 

  • A wage with dignity. If work is essential enough to risk exposure to a deadly virus, it should at least pay living wage.
  • Workplace safety. Workers should have access to personal protective equipment, the ability to maintain social distancing, and other necessary safety measures.
  • Paid sick leave. Guaranteed paid sick leave is critical to protecting workers and slowing the virus’ spread.
  • Collective bargaining and union representation. Through the crisis and beyond, essential workers should have the standards and protections gained through collective bargaining.
  • Special status during a crisis. Essential workers should have access to additional provisions including: emergency childcare, hazard pay, enhanced occupational safety protections and training, access to testing, and secure transportation.

Today on World Day for Decent Work, leaders of UNI Apro joins the call launched by UNI Global Union to demand Essential Rights for Essential Workers.