UNI Apro MEI tackles digital transformation and outsourcing in the media


UNI Apro MEI tackles digital transformation and outsourcing in the media

Members of the UNI Apro MEI Committee met on 14-15 August 2018 in Davao City, Philippines for its annual meeting and a forum with ABU representative Natalia Llieva on digital transformation and outsourcing in the media sector.

During the two days, representatives from 7 countries of the UNI’s Asia-Pacific region focused their discussions on the opportunities and challenges of shaping the digital economy.

Outsourcing in the digital age is increasingly becoming a scourge for workers” said UNI Apro Regional Secretary Christopher Ng, who took part in meetings. Many outsourced workers have no social security and pensions and decent wages. Due to the instability of employment, they have a hard time getting access to training to improve their skills in dealing with the digital age. To tackle the challenges in the digital transformation, gender issues in the Asia Pacific media sector, ABU is committed to work together and prepare a module with UNI Apro in these areas.

Addressing the Committee on the priorities of the sector’ action plan, UNI Apro MEI Vice-President Khairruzzaman Hj Mohammad (Malaysia) emphasized the need to better protect journalist and other media workers. UNI MEI has recently joined the working group lead by the International Federation of Journalists which works towards a United Nations instrument on the protection of journalists and media workers. The UNI MEI Executive meeting, which will hold its meeting in Toronto in October, will assess the prospects of this important initiative and discuss how to assist affiliates in their efforts to make the work of their members safe.

The UNI Apro MEI Committee adopted an action statement to guide the work of affiliates and Secretariat in implementing the work priorities in the coming period, empahasing, the commitment to innovative organising strategies.

Download the statement here.

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