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On the 28th of August, almost a year after it was launched in 2017, more than 17 women from the UNI Colombia Women’s Network and representing different UNI sectors, such as Finance, ICTS and UNICare, met in Bogota, in the headquarters of UNEB, to discuss the work of the network.

The welcome speech for the participants was carried out by Sofia Espinoza, President of UNEB, who expressed her desire to have more women occupying leadership positions within Colombian unions. She also made a call for women to inspire more women to join union work.

Briceida Gonzalez, Director of UNI Americas Women, led the discussions which included the work of the network, the implementation of the regional strategic plan, the work of the UNI Equal Opportunities Department and future work of the network.

The discussions concluded that there is a need to include more women in union work and that it is necessary to empower them so that they can reach out to leadership positions. The participants will also continue discussions on how to implement UNI goals at a national and union level, as well as to have a common agenda which unions can rally around.