UNI Commerce stands in solidarity with Lloyds Pharmacy workers in Ireland


UNI Commerce stands in solidarity with Lloyds Pharmacy workers in Ireland

On June 14th, up to 200 Workers in 29 stores in Ireland’s largest pharmacy chain, and with the support of Mandate the Union, participated in an industrial action asking for fair and better working conditions and respect at work.

The actions comes after the company refused to engage with Mandate and negotiate over the following issues:

* Fair pay

* Sick pay scheme

* End to zero hour contract

* Improvements in annual leave and premium holidays

Many workers at Lloyds pharmacy complain that they are being undervalued and underpaid for the advice and care they give to their customers. Many others reported not having guaranteed hours in their contracts even if they work 38 hours a week. Others saw their mortgage rejected because they do not have set hours in their contract. UNI affiliated Union Mandate claims employees do not get the credit they deserve and criticizes the company policy who prefers to see them leaving instead of solving these long standing issues. Also, the company continues to deny the use of zero hour contracts despite evidence that they clearly exist.

Jerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary said “ After last week action management have as of yet shown no sign of engaging with your Union on these matters and if this remains the case we must push ahead with determination in preparation for next Friday’s second day of action. Let’s hope this will not be necessary but management need to understand this type of disruption to the business will continue and escalate until you and your fellow Union members’ reasonable demands are met.

Mandate represents more than 30 percent of the pharmacists and retail staff in LloydsPharmacy and this number is growing every day. The Labour Court has already indicated this figure is ‘substantially representative’ and has urged management to enter negotiations with their workers union. What is so frustrating and disappointing for us and our members is that LloydsPharmacy is spending so much time and energy on anti-union tactics rather than resolving this dispute in a responsible manner for all concerned.

UNI Commerce Global Committee showed solidarity with striking workers in Liverpool  on the occasion of the 5th UNI Global Union world Congress. Mathias Bolton, Head of Commerce said “Lloyds pharmacy workers demand fairness at work and secure hours. The demands are legitimate and urgent – we support our affiliate Mandate and call upon the company to sit with the wnion and start negotiations to resolve these issues”. For more information click here https://lloydsworkers.com/home/