UNI condemns new death threats against Eric Amador and his family


UNI condemns new death threats against Eric Amador and his family

UNI Global Union strongly condemns a death threat made against our brother Eric Amador, Treasurer of SINTRASALUDCOL. He received the death threat in a letter which said the union leader and his family “had been targeted as a military objective”.

The letter tells Mr Amador to resign from his position and leave the city in a period of 72 hours or else he and his family will pay with his life: “Apparently you do not want to continue living, and it has become clear to us, and we have told you on previous occasions, that you are hindering our work with your denouncements. It is signed on behalf of a paramilitary group Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia.


We demand that the Government guarantee the physical safety of Eric and his family and urge that it prevents a climate of intolerance that is reminiscent of Colombia’s darkest ages.

As a new member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Colombia must ensure the labour rights and safety of trade unionists. We also demand that the companies where SINTRASALUDCOL has union representation issue a statement condemning these events and investigate who is behind this.

UNI Global Union and its 20 million affiliates express their solidarity with our brother Eric and his family, and the international community will be vigilant in protecting his safety

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