UNI-Europa Graphical affiliates from across Europe met on Tuesday 30th April to discuss the crisis situation engulfing Circle Media Group. We are appalled at the situation and the manner in which it is developing and being handled.

Tensions across the group were already high with our Spanish and Finish affiliates engaged in very difficult discussions to ensure that workers receive the basic wages they are owed. It is astonishing to see a major European multinational company in the 21st century not paying workers for work that they have already undertaken. These workers have families and responsibilities and have shown great loyalty to the company in difficult circumstances, the minimum the company should do is to immediately pay its workers the owed monies in full.

UNI Europa Graphical is also extremely angry about the manner in which the latest crisis has unfolded. Despite a cordial meeting with the management in Amsterdam on 29th March 2019, at which commitments to keep unions informed of developments were made, no advance warning or indication of the announced sales and bankruptcies of various sites was given. There has been absolutely no engagement or information and consultation with workforce representatives at the European level, and no attempt to explain the direction of travel, this despite the fact this is clearly a European wide crisis and a channel of communications had already been established.

UNI Europa Graphical and its affiliates have repeatedly raised concerns about the financial situation of the group and the lack of transparency and in light of recent announcements these concerns have grown massively. Legal advice and insight is being sought.

UNI Europa Graphical calls on CMG senior management to urgently meet with a delegation in order to discuss and explain the situation – a step that should have been taken prior to the public announcements being made.

UNI Europa Graphical affiliates stand absolutely united in their condemnation of the actions of CMG. We further assure the workers we represent that we will take all actions necessary to protect their rights and ensure that they receive the unpaid wages and social provisions that they are entitled to.