UNI Global Union stands proudly in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who will #StrikeForBlackLives on July 20th in cities and towns across the United States. The nationwide walkout is organized by a broad coalition including the Movement for Black Lives and UNI affiliates SEIU and the Teamsters.

The strikers are calling on  corporations and governments take sweeping steps to stomp out the racism that limits economic opportunity and social mobility of Black people. Higher wages, healthcare, and unions for all are key demands.

“The ‘normal’ everyone keeps talking about going back to wasn’t working for us. From racially motivated attacks to being forced to go to work without protective equipment or hazard pay in the name of the economy,” said airport wheelchair attendant Glen Brown about why he will be striking.

During the strike, airport workers, fast-food workers, cleaners, security officers, care workers, and thousands of others will withhold their labour for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time a white police officer in Minneapolis knelt on the neck of George Floyd, a Black man, killing him in May. The work stoppage promises to be one of many actions for racial justice in the months to come.

“We cannot achieve economic justice without racial justice,” Mary Kay Henry, president of SEIU said to announce the walkout. “Today, in this national moment of reckoning, working people are demanding fundamental changes to America’s broken system. Until Black people can thrive, none of our communities can thrive.” 

More than a dozen other groups including the United Farm Workers, and  the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival will be joining the Movement for Black Lives, SEIU and the Teamsters in taking to the streets.

“Systemic racism and discrimination are not just American problems, but ones we must confront in all of our communities and countries,” said Christy Hoffman UNI Global Union General Secretary. “On what will be a historic day, UNI Global Union joins this fight to transform of our societies and economies and to create a world where Black lives are valued.”

The strikers have asked for global support, learn how you can through solidarity rallies or online action. For a full list of demands and more information, go to: https://j20strikeforblacklives.org.