UNI Global Union: “This is a moment for Carrefour take proactive steps to address racism.”


UNI Global Union: “This is a moment for Carrefour take proactive steps to address racism.”

The following statement on the murder of Joao Alberto Silveira in Brazil can be attributed to Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union:

“Once again the world has witnessed the horrible murder of a Black man, Joao Alberto Silveira at the hands of security forces. This most recent incident involves an attack by private guards against a Black customer at a Carrefour store in Brazil, in full view of the public.

Carrefour Brazil has promised to secure a prosecution of the perpetrators, and has dismissed the store manager and the security company. Its Group CEO Bompard has just issued a statement committing Carrefour to an internal review.

We welcome this commitment to investigate thoroughly and the quick actions to address the events in the store. However, more should be done to remedy the injustice which is so widely felt across the world, and which is a symbol for the pervasive racism found in too many countries.

As one the world’s leading multinationals Carrefour has a special responsibility to set an example and assert a role in the crisis of racism. Carrefour should not only investigate and evaluate the circumstances leading to this event, but also use this heinous act as an opportunity to assess how it can contribute to ending racism, not only through changes in its stores but also in the communities in which it operates, for the sake of its customers, employees, contractors and the public. UNI Global Union has worked with Carrefour over many years and we share mutual commitments to address inequality and to ensure respect for human rights. This is a moment for Carrefour to act upon those commitments and take proactive steps to address racism in all of its forms.

UNI Global Union and its unions are prepared to support these efforts in any way that we can.”