SATSAID representing workers in the Argentinean audiovisual sector is campaigning for a sector wide salary adjustment. Days of action in October mobilised thousands of workers. A four-day strike at the end of the month during prime time across all major TV channels showed the determination of union members in the fight for a just adjustment of their salaries and their support for the union’s demands. UNI MEI supports the strike and action by our Argentinean colleagues.

At the same time, UNI MEI is concerned with anti-union practices that occurred during this industrial conflict. As SATSAID reports, TELEFE a VIACOM company that has first stalled negotiations over salary adjustments started an anti-union campaign targeting union representatives and members. The company has  approached and is using workers not covered by the collective agreement to perform tasks of the workers that are represented by the union. The current stalemate is punishing workers that face the erosion of revenues and purchasing power amidst a very complicated situation in the country and high inflation rates.

In a letter to the President of Viacom International Media Networks – The Americas, UNI MEI raised its concerns of the company intentions, seeking to destroy good faith social dialogue that the union is pursuing on behalf of committed and hardworking members.

UNI MEI stands in support with SATSAID and calls on VIACOM to put an end to the illegal anti-union action in Argentina.

Find out more on SATSAID’s campaign at and on twitter: #latvPara