UNI MEI supports the #saveEUculture campaign in response to COVID-19


UNI MEI supports the #saveEUculture campaign in response to COVID-19

UNI MEI has joined over 100 Members of European Parliament and 300 associations in signing the “Open Letter to the EU Commission and the Member States, demanding support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors, particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis”.

The initiative had been launched by Members of the European Parliament Culture Committee, Niklas Nienaß and Salima Yenbou with support of the newly formed “Cultural Creators Friendship Group” in the European Parliament. 

The EU-wide campaign calls on the European Commission and the Member States to take immediate action in a coordinated manner and do whatever it takes to mitigate the negative consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on the Cultural and Creative Sectors, especially independent creators as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and associations. Proactive, large-scale and integrated measures across all policy areas are necessary to make a strong and sustained impact, both in the short and in the long term.

The signatories of the letter demand that the EU swiftly

  • Offers financial aid to the Cultural and Creative Sectors and the whole cultural ecosystem, including through the Corona Response Investment Initiative, proportionally to the size of the CCS in our economy.
  • Ensures access to unemployment and other social benefits for all cultural professionals, with particular attention to freelancers, self-employed and others in atypical forms of work, including creators coming from cultural minorities, and grant them compensation for the discontinuation of income.
  • Provides emergency aid to cultural professionals, especially the independent ones, as well as to small and medium-sized cultural companies, for example in the form of tax relief, loans, (micro-)credits, compensation for losses and non-recoverable costs.
  • Implements fiscal measures to relieve the pressure on the CCS and stimulate a recovery in the consumption of cultural services.

Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, the EU must:

  • Set up an adequately funded stimulus package for cultural creators all over Europe in order to tackle the long-term effects on the CCS. This package should also include legal facilitation for the mobility of artists and their works, e.g. regarding taxation and visa regulations.
  • Protect the CCS from future shocks, in particular by reinforcing its social dimension and adapting rules on social security and labour rights, taking into account the diversity of the CCS workforce.
  • Increase public funding to arts and culture while also ensuring their access to other sources of finance, for example by reinforcing the availability of the CCS Guarantee Facility.

In a circular, UNI MEI has called on all its affiliated unions and guilds throughout the EU to join the online campaign:  #saveEUculture and sign the petition at www.saveEUculture.eu