UNI reminds affiliates of their obligations under UPU Declaration


UNI reminds affiliates of their obligations under UPU  Declaration

UNI Global Union General Secretary, Christy Hoffman has written to the UPU calling on the organisation to remind its member states that they have an obligation to establish direct mail exchange with Palestine via Jordan as set out in the UPU Adopted Declaration  2012.

Hoffman expressed UNI’s concerns about the current situation of the postal services to Palestine, highlighting the recent report that the Israeli government had been blocking personal mail sent to people in Palestine. The issue was further underscored over the summer when the  Israeli government delivered ten and a half tons of mail to the West Bank.  This mail was up to eight years old, some of which was damaged, and included medical supplies. The delivery is reportedly a “one time” arrangement and otherwise the Israeli government maintains the position that mail to Palestinians will not be regularly delivered from Israel.  

The refusal of Israel to deliver mail to the West Bank is a violation of both international rights and regulations of the UPU. 

The UPU recognized Palestine as an observer in 1999 and this recognition included the Palestinians’ right to establish independent international mail services and cooperation with UPU worldwide.

The issue is further highlighted by today being World Post Day, which celebrates the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874.



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