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UNI stands in solidarity with Crnogorski Telekom workers in Montenegro demanding a new collective agreement


UNI stands in solidarity with Crnogorski Telekom workers in Montenegro demanding a new collective agreement

Workers at Crnogorski Telekom (CT), a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, in Montenegro are taking action. After going on a warning strike 31 October, the Trade Union of Telecom Montenegro is gearing up for more industrial action if the company continues to refuse their basic demands, including: a reasonable pay rise and a fair collective agreement.

“The union and the employees of Crnogorski Telekom are forced to gather today. . . in front of CT’s headquarters to, once again, through a peaceful protest, draw management’s attention to the fact that their malicious intentions of abolishing our collective bargaining agreement as well as eliminating social dialogue and the union will not—and cannot—stand. It did not before and it will not now,” the union said during last month’s walkout.

Pointing out that CT is profitable and growing, the union is particularly incensed that management has refused to meet their demands for a pay rise—especially because the demands do not exceed the inflation rate.

ver.di, the German union representing Deutsche Telekom and a UNI affiliate, is supporting their Montenegrin colleagues’ struggle.

“The Telekom group has once again revised its profit expectations upwards, there must be a fair share for the workers. Against the background of high inflation and the positive profit development in the group, there must be acceptable solutions for the employees suffering from the price increases,” writes Frank Sauerland, ver.di ICTS Collective Bargaining Policy Principle.

“As the trade union ver.di we support your just struggle in solidarity and stand by your side. We wish you every success for the further negotiations and disputes with the Telekom employer.”

UNI also backs the Trade Union of Telecom’s efforts.

“CT workers have made the company profitable and enabled it growth. It is outrageous that a successful enterprise doesn’t reward employees but attacks their union and ignores their reasonable request for fair pay,” says Benjamin Parton, Head of UNI’s ICTS sector. “We join with ver.di and trade unions from around the world show solidarity with the Trade Union of Telecom. We will support your fight to get the fair treatment you deserve.”