UNI strongly supports national strike in Argentina

UNI stands in solidarity with its Argentinian affiliates, who have joined forces to protest against  the severe austerity measures of the Macri government. They will be participating in a general strike organized by General Confederation of Labor in Argentina today.

The 24-hour nationwide strike is to protest the failing economic policies of President Mauricio Macri. Inflation is soaring, the recession continues to deepen, and poverty has risen sharply. The country is on the verge of economic collapse and as a result purchasing power has decreased dramatically, hitting workers and their families hard. Trade unions have united to call for change.

The situation in Argentina is critical. Macri’s policies are designed to meet the International Monetary Fund (IMF) requirements, but are failing the people. There are now over 14 million people living in poverty in Argentina, which is over six percent more than at the beginning of the IMF program, less than a year ago.

We call on all UNI affiliates to show solidarity by sending messages of support on social media using the hashtags : #CGT #OtroRumboesPosible #ParoNacional 

UNI Global Union supports the demands of trade unions in Argentina, calling on the government to take urgent action to support the economy and to improve the harsh conditions for working people. We extend a message of solidarity to our Argentine sisters and brothers in this time of struggle and adversity.

UNI Americas