UNI Global Union’s continued advocacy for social dialogue in the implementation of new postal services has paid off in a new guide by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the UN agency for Post.

UNI’s Post&Logistics sector contributed to the UPU Guide to Postal Social Services, providing a worker perspective on areas such as financial stability and monetizing services, workers’ terms and conditions, training and skills.

Significantly, the guide emphasizes the importance of social dialogue from the very start of developing new services.

“The early inclusion of trade unions and worker representatives is paramount to the successful deployment of new social services. Workers understand what is feasible within operational and time constraints and their input in developing new services cannot be overlooked,” said Dimitris Theodorakis, acting Head of Post&Logistics.

“However, new social services must not come at the expense of workers’ terms and conditions, and performance targets for increased workloads adds to pressure on workers, who often have little choice but to accept.”

While new postal services can contribute to revenues, they may not be enough to compensate for the global decline in mail volumes.

“Core postal missions as enshrined in the universal service obligations ought to be put on a sound financial basis before seeking to introduce new services,” added Theodorakis.

UNI also warns that new services should not lessen collective bargaining efforts by offering two-tiered terms and conditions resulting in a competing workforce.

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As part of advocating for the implementation of new services in the post, Dimitris Theodorakis contributed to the UPU Consultative Committee Webinar Trilogy on 19 May 2021 on the subject of Redefining the USO in a changing digital postal environment

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Impact COVID Universal Service Obligation 1 – YouTube