UNI Global Union affiliate in the UK, Usdaw, has negotiated wages of at least £10 an hour for all Morrisons retail workers, setting a new high for supermarkets in the country.

The milestone deal with Morrisons, a major supermarket chain in the UK, is a big win for Usdaw and its New Deal for Workers campaign, which includes the key demand for a minimum pay threshold of £10 per hour.

Usdaw General Secretary, Paddy Lillis, said:

“The last ten months have been a tough time for food retail staff who have worked throughout the pandemic in difficult circumstances. They provide the essential service of keeping the nation fed and deserve our support, respect and appreciation. Most of all they deserve decent pay and this offer is a welcome boost.

“This offer is great news and a credit to the hard work of all our reps in Morrisons stores. This hourly rate is now the leading rate of the major supermarkets. It is a big step forward and we hope the rest of the retail sector will follow Morrison’s example. Usdaw wants a new deal and a living wage for all retail workers.”

The pay rise is a much-needed boost for Morrisons workers who continue to serve as the UK struggles with a more virulent strain of coronavirus and this week tallied a record number of daily deaths from Covid-19.

The Usdaw victory is a good example for UNI’s campaign for essential rights for essential workers, which demands that frontline workers receive a wage with dignity, access to PPE, sick pay, union rights and special status during a crisis.  

UNI General Secretary, Christy Hoffman, said:

“We congratulate Usdaw on this significant win, which sets a new benchmark for supermarket pay in the UK. It is vital that we keep up the fight for essential rights for frontline workers –  the pandemic is far from over and we must ensure that retail workers are getting the pay they deserve, the safety measures they need, and be prioritized when it comes to getting a vaccine.”