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Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees’ Association (SDA – Australia) wins the Breaking Through Award this year in recognition for their work to organize e-commerce jobs which are: secure, fairly paid, safe and where workers have a voice at work. 

“Amazon won’t stop lowering standards and abusing its power unless we stand together,” said Rajendra Acharya  Regional Secretary of UNI APRO. “SDA work to bring about change for Amazon workers in Australia is an inspiration to many union and workers around the world.”

In particular, the UNI Global Union Breaking Through Award also recognizes the outstanding work carried out to organize at Amazon, which opened its first fulfilment centre in 2017 in Australia with 100% outsourced agency workers who were paid minimum wage. SDA now has a presence in all 3 of Amazon’s Australian fulfilment centres and has had multiple successes in its efforts to improve safety and work conditions.

The UNI Global Union Breaking Through Award recognizes these outstanding achievements and acknowledges that HSWU’s hard work during the pandemic leaves it well placed to continue to grow.

UNI’s Breaking Through Awards recognize unions who have built union strength through innovative organizing campaigns in the face of adversity. The other winners this year include HSWU – Ghana, CUPW in Canada, and HK Privat in Denmark. 


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