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Statement: 26 March 2021, Nyon, Switzerland

“World Players has long advocated for meaningful governance reform and repeats its position for WADA to:

1.Replace the bilateral partnership between sport governing bodies and governments with a tripartite partnership in which athletes have an equal say.

2.Have a fully independent and merit-based Executive Board.

3. Guarantee the strict separation of powers, including an independent judiciary.

4. Embed the internationally recognised human rights of athletes.

The urgent need for action has been repeatedly highlighted through the ineffective response to
state sponsored doping and ongoing cases of manifest injustice.

WADA’s deliberate exclusion of 80,000 athletes who have chosen to be represented by their
unions is in conflict with their internationally recognised human right to freedom of association.
Genuine reform can no longer be delayed if WADA is to restore athlete trust and confidence.

WADA cannot legitimately assert the right to control players in professional team sports
without affording them an equal say at the decision-making tables.”