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World Post Day: We need a modern and future oriented post for all people


World Post Day: We need a modern and future oriented post for all people

On this World Post Day, UNI Post&Logistics is calling for a modern and future oriented post which reflects the needs of the population and the workers and adapts to developments in communication and commerce.

Postal workers deserve job security, good working conditions, and living wages, and changes in the postal systems must be done in close cooperation with workers and their postal trade unions, with a focus on training and re-skilling measures.

“Post will look different in 50 years, but as long parcels, letters and postcards exist, we need somebody who collects, sorts and delivers them,” says Cornelia Broos, Head of UNI Post & Logistics.  “Postal workers are often a critical connector for our communities, our families and our businesses. And because reliable, affordable internet and phone communications are out of reach for some, it is especially important that everyone have the right to access regular postal services at affordable prices.”

UNI is committed to the idea of a universal public postal service for all. In these fast-changing times, people need the security of having certain rights to receive services free from the pressures of profits and competition.

Postal workers are fighting to maintain this right throughout the world. The rise of right-wing and conservative populist parties has intensified the pressure by big investors and neoliberal think tanks to sell off all remaining (only 10 worldwide have been privatised so far) public companies. In countries facing this political change, such as Brazil, USA and Canada, our affiliates and fellow workers are threatened by postal privatisation. In other countries, like the UK and Portugal, postal unions are fighting for the re-nationalisation of post.

“UNI Global Union urgently warns that privatisation in a shrinking, competitive market means even less income for universal service providers. Besides the shrinking income due to lower letter volumes, now dividends must be paid to shareholders, reducing the funds available for re-investment.” says Dave Ward, UNI Post&Logistics World President and General Secretary of the CWU in the UK.

“In the UK, we experience daily the negative consequences of postal privatisation. In summary, we can observe less quality but higher prices for the people and worse jobs for our workers. We want to spare other post workers this experience, therefore we are active in UNI Post&Logistics to support their fight against privatisation in their home countries all over the world.

“On this World Post Day, we would like to underline the fact, that we need a modern and future oriented post for all people, and we would like to ensure the solidarity of UNI Post&Logsitics with all postal workers and their postal unions in the world.”

In a changing society, the postal network can be a valuable partner by implementing social services, environmental action as well as programs for social and geographical cohesion and inclusion, and UNI Post&Logistics will continue to help usher in innovations to postal systems. The unions will act to ensure that new technologies are implemented in the interests of the many and not in the interest of raising profits for the few.

“Today, UNI Post&Logistics would like to present our visions for the future of post. We strongly recommend to decision-makers, stakeholder and politicians the world over to be creative on how we can use the unique postal network in the future instead of just trying to squeeze more profits by downsizing this great and necessary service,” said UNI’s Broos.

UNI Global Union unites more than 160 postal unions from all over the world representing more than 2.5 million postal workers. In most of the countries, post is one of the largest employers and gives people around the world addresses to receive letters, postcards and parcels.

World Post Day takes place every year on the 9th of October to commemorate the founding of the Universal Post Union in 1847.


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