Christy Hoffman was elected as UNI’s General Secretary in 2018, after having served as Deputy General Secretary beginning in 2010 and earlier as the Head of UNI Property Services.

Her work at UNI followed more than 25 years of experience as a US-based trade unionist, beginning as an International Association of Machinists shop steward in a jet engine factory, later as an organizer and finally as legal counsel to US unions including the UMWA, Teamsters and SEIU.

At UNI, among other responsibilities, she was instrumental in the development of UNI’s organizing program, which includes winning agreements with multinationals to secure the right to organize and focusing on support for campaigns through capacity building and solidarity.

An influential advocate for corporate accountability and the human rights of workers, she also negotiated the ground-breaking Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and arbitrated its provisions.

Christy holds a Juris Doctor from NYU Law School and a BA in Economics from Smith College.