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Cross-sector Groups Equal Opportunities

UNI Equal Opportunities organizes to empower workers against discrimination in all its forms and helps to build more equal, fair societies around the world.

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Equal Opportunities

UNI Equal Opportunities strives to build union power and break down the divisive barriers created by inequality in our societies. We fight against all forms of discrimination in the workplace including discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, lifestyle, religion. We seek to improve not only working conditions, but also the lives of workers.

Together with our affiliates, we build worker power and work to create innovative responses to the global issues we face. Equal Opportunities celebrates and encourages diversity, pushing hard for strong, diverse and equal workplaces all over the world.

To build equality in the workplace is vital to UNI Global Union's mission and we cannot achieve it without collective power.

That's why!

This campaign seeks to recognize the work and effort of thousands of women workers who struggle to improve the quality of life within our societies and to make them more just and equitable. It seeks to become a source of inspiration for more women to become union activists.

Mentoring Program

This program aims to encourage more young women trade unionists to become involved in trade union work at the local, national and international levels


The objective of this campaign is to continue to implement the Resolution adopted by UNI at the 2010 World Congress seeking to achieve 40% female representation in all UNI decision-making structures as well as within UNI unions.


This campaign was created in 2009 by UNI's Equal Opportunities Department to reflect on all forms of violence, including gender-based violence, and its causes; and to provide concrete tools for action to the true agents of change: those who fight against all forms of discrimination and for true equality.


Equal pay is a recognized human right that is vital for the creation of quality jobs. Equal pay means that everybody should receive the same pay for the same work or work of the same value, irrespective of their gender. This campaign provides information and resources on the issue of the pay gap and practices to eliminate it.


This UNI Equal Opportunities campaign seeks to provide information and resources for both women and girls to help them make autonomous and informed decisions about their health, enabling them to participate actively in their communities, unions and workplaces.