Transforming Lives, Nurturing Dreams: The 11th UNI Apro-JPGU Kanto Scholarship


Transforming Lives, Nurturing Dreams: The 11th UNI Apro-JPGU Kanto Scholarship

The 11th UNI Apro-JPGU Kanto Scholarship event, held on 23 March 2024 at the Sri Lanka Post Auditorium in Colombo, Sri Lanka, celebrated the enduring Union Social Responsibility (USR) project between UNI Asia & Pacific and the Japan Post Group Union’s Kanto branch.

This collaboration has provided scholarships to the children of postal employees in Sri Lanka since 2002. The programme, which began with a modest ten students, has now expanded to support 22 students in its 11th iteration, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of both organizations to the cause of education and empowerment.

The event was graced by several distinguished guests, including Mr Channa Dissanayake, President of UNI Sri Lanka Liaison Council (UNI SLAC), who expressed his heartfelt gratitude to JPGU and UNI Apro for their continued support, especially during the challenging times of economic hardship faced by Sri Lanka.

UNI Asia & Pacific Regional Secretary Rajendra Acharya lauded JPGU Kanto’s generosity and dedication to uplifting the quality of life of postal employees’ children through this remarkable CSR initiative, setting an example for other corporations that often focus their CSR programmes on environmental and climate change issues.

A congratulatory message from Mr Satoru Sekiguchi, President of JPGU Kanto, was delivered by Mr Tomoaki Ueda, Executive Secretary of UNI Liaison Council of Japan (UNI LCJ), underscoring the significance of the occasion.

Mr Jayasri Priyalal, UNI Asia & Pacific Director for Finance and Professionals & Managers Group, and Chair of UNI Apro-JPGU Scholarship Board emphasized the rigorous selection process and the students’ commitment to enhancing their skills through online learning, in addition to traditional classroom education.

Sri Lanka Postmaster General Mr Sathkumara conveyed his appreciation for the support received from UNI Global Union affiliates and called upon the postal unions and staff to work together in improving the department’s revenue and service quality.

A touching moment came when Miss Bhagya Senevirathne, a past recipient from the 8th Scholarship Batch, shared her inspiring story of how the scholarship and a motorized wheelchair provided by the unions transformed her life, enabling her to pursue her university studies despite the challenges she faced.

Miss Fathima Ilmy, a current scholarship recipient, delivered a moving appreciation speech on behalf of all the students. She thanked the JPGU Kanto and UNI Asia & Pacific, the scholarship board, postal unions, volunteers, and the Postmaster General for their unwavering support and dedication. She also acknowledged her fellow recipients for their efforts and achievements.

The event served as a testament to the impact of international solidarity and the vital role trade unions’ social responsibility initiatives played in transforming the lives of postal employees’ children in Sri Lanka. By providing access to education and opportunities, the UNI Apro-JPGU Kanto Scholarship programme has become a beacon of hope and empowerment. 

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