Care Workers Federation in Philippines Continues to Expand: Affiliates New Union


Care Workers Federation in Philippines Continues to Expand: Affiliates New Union
The Unified Filipino Service Workers (UFSW), a proud affiliate of UNI Global Union, has officially issued a Charter Certificate to the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Employees Association (OLLHEA), marking the union’s full membership in both UFSW and UNI. OLLHEA’s affiliation with UFSW adds to the federation’s impressive roster of private hospital unions. Many of these unions, including Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, are part of the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, owned by prominent business tycoon Manny Pangilinan. The lineup also includes renowned institutions such as Chinese General Hospital, Delos Santos Medical Center, Infant Jesus Hospital, and United Doctors Medical Center.
Jesus Obien, President of UFSW and Chairman of the UNI-PLC Care Council, expressed his optimism about the new affiliation. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been our shared goal with UNI to further expand and strengthen our organizing efforts in the healthcare sector. Our affiliation with OLLHEA is just the start as we continue our push in organizing both unionized and ununionized workers,” Obien stated.
During OLLHEA’s General Assembly in May 2024, Atty. General Du, a member of the UNI PLC Care Council, emphasized the numerous benefits of joining a federation. He highlighted that membership strengthens bargaining power, provides legal support and assistance, and offers access to capacity-building programs and training opportunities. These advantages are crucial for enhancing the collective power and professional development of healthcare workers.
Roland De La Cruz, President of UNI-PLC, reiterated the ongoing support for the union. “We will continue to support and stand with OLLHEA in its upcoming CBA negotiations,” De La Cruz affirmed. This unwavering support from UNI-PLC underscores the collective effort to advocate for better working conditions and rights for healthcare workers across the Philippines.
“As we welcome the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Employees Association (OLLHEA ) into the Unified Filipino Service Workers (UFSW) and the UNI Global Union family, we reinforce our commitment to strengthening the rights and welfare of healthcare workers. This affiliation not only strengthens our collective bargaining power but also amplifies our unified voice in advocating for decent work for all health care workers in Philippines”. Rajendra Acharya, UNI Asia & Pacific, Regional Secretary
The affiliation of OLLHEA with UFSW and UNI marks a pivotal step in the ongoing efforts to enhance the representation and support for healthcare workers in the Philippines. As the federation continues to grow, its commitment to organizing and empowering workers remains steadfast, driving positive change within the sector.


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