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World Environment Day, on 5 June, is an important United Nations marker to promote global environmental awareness and action. Over the past half century, it has become the leading global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people around the world. On World Environment Day, UNI affiliate La Bancaria in Argentina are redoubling their comment to a just climate. 

This environmental work helps promote human well-being, but the current model of economic development has put the environment, and thus our very survival as a species, at great risk. The growing industrial activity of recent decades, the transformation and technological innovation in production processes, the incorporation of new substances and materials, and the organization of cities with their patterns of exchange and mobility, have a major impact on the environment.

The international commitments assumed by countries in the last 50 years show that the conservation and protection of health and the environment are at the center of the concern of the new development model to be promoted by the countries of the world and the Americas region. This model, called “sustainable human development” is defined as development with special emphasis on the human dimension, that is, people-centered development.

For La Bancaria, the implementation and fulfillment of the agreements and action plans have required coordinated multi-sectoral action, in order to ensure that the different sectors assume their responsibility to act on environmental health problems in their respective areas and jurisdictions.

“In tune with the commitment assumed by the entire labour movement, the Banking Association also contributes to promoting environmental awareness, implementing a set of dissemination, training and information actions,” expressed Matías Alejandro Layús, National Secretary of Culture and Education of la Asociación Bancaria.

“In the XLVIII National Banking Congress 2021, the National General Secretary, comrade Sergio Palazzo, promoted the creation of the Health and Environment Commission, which I chaired and which worked under the slogan “CUIDEMOS LAS PERSONAS, SALVEMOS AL PLANETA (or Take care of people, save the planet), ” he stated.

The union emphasizes that this commitment requires extensive work to ensure that health and environmental aspects are duly incorporated in the training plans of the different community levels, which serve both to efficiently perform the functions of leader and advisor in matters of prevention and environmental health, and to stimulate the active participation of the community and its organizations. To this end, it is necessary to develop and implement strategies that allow the community to participate in the analysis of its own needs and develop possible solutions and innovations.



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