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Ahead of tomorrow’s critical vote on the report on the copyright directive, we would like to thank all Members of the European Parliament who have supported the fair and balanced comprise amendments on Chapter III on the fair remuneration of authors and performers.

The amendments adopted by the JURI Committee significantly improve the Commission’s initial proposal, introducing the pivotal elements of proportional and fair remuneration, collective bargaining and transparency of information regarding the exploitation of works (Articles -14a and 14) as well as the collective representation of authors and performers in contractual adjustment (Art. 15) and dispute resolution (Art. 16).

These articles as amended by the JURI Committee are a good basis for discussion in trilogue and would, if adopted, significantly improve the prospects of addressing the contractual imbalance that is so profoundly rooted in our industry.

We now call on all Members of the European Parliament to vote in favour of the report.