Just Transition for Professionals and Managers in the Digital World


Just Transition for Professionals and Managers in the Digital World

Fourth UNI Apro Professionals & Managers Group conference concluded on 30 August 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meeting was held back to back with UNI ICTS and UNI P&M World Conference.


The theme of the Regional Conference was; Just Transition for Professionals and Managers in the Digital World. Two interactive sessions discussed the changes and challenges confronting the Professionals & Managers (P&M). Career Challenges for P&M resulting from Digital Disruptions and providing Lifelong Learning as a new trade union service were the two sub-themes that enabled conference speakers to share their insights.

Seventy trade union leaders representing P&M members joined the conference and adopted a work plan to address the issues highlighted at various discussions. [Refer the Related Files for Conference Outcomes]

John De Payva Secretary-General Emeritus, SMMWU Singapore was re-elected as the Regional President of the UNI Apro Professionals & Managers group. Ulf Bengtsson the newly elected UNI P&M World President also graced the conference and delivered a keynote address. Alex Hogback UNI P&M Director introduced the UNI P&M World Program endorsed by the world conference. Jayasri Priyalal UNI Apro Director for the P&M group submitted a conference paper as a background report to the discussion.

The conference paid tribute to Christopher Ng Regional Secretary appreciating his four decades of outstanding service to the trade union movement. Christopher announced his retirement at the forthcoming Regional Conference in November 2019 at Kathmandu, Nepal and solicited the support and cooperation to his successor Asst. Regional Secretary Rajendra Acharya.

The conference appreciated the hospitalities and assistance extended by Bro Mohamad Shafie B P Mammal President of UNI Malaysian Labour Centre and to the staff of UNI MLC.