Make Amazon Pay Stands in Solidarity with Striking Writers Guild of America


Make Amazon Pay Stands in Solidarity with Striking Writers Guild of America

Make Amazon Pay, a global coalition consisting of over 80 unions, civil society organizations, environmentalists and tax watchdogs, co-convened by UNI Global Union and the Progressive International, is joining forces to show solidarity with the striking members of the Writers Guild of America, East and West, (WGA) and union members worldwide. The coalition’s global day of action on Monday, 15 May 2023, aims to support the WGA’s demands for fair compensation and improved working conditions for writers involved in shows produced by Amazon Studios. Additionally, the coalition highlights the ongoing struggles of union members in countries like the UK, Spain and Germany, who have been campaigning for fairness and respect for years. 

Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, expressed solidarity with the striking writers and union members, stating, “The writers’ in the United States, along with strikers in European warehouses, demonstrate the urgent need for fairness and respect across Amazon’s operations. While their jobs are different, they are united by common demands like wanting a just wage and a say in how technology shapes their work. As part of the movement to hold Amazon accountable, we stand with these workers in their fight for dignity, fair compensation and improved working conditions. It’s time to make Amazon pay its writers, its packers, its stowers, its drivers and all its workers.” 

“The global day of action led by Make Amazon Pay sends a powerful message: workers across borders are uniting to demand justice, fair pay, and improved working conditions. The exploitation of writers and union members within Amazon Studios is just one example of the systemic issues we face. Together, we will challenge corporate power and build a fairer world where workers’ rights are protected and respected,” said Daniel Kopp Co-coordinator of #MakeAmazonPay for Progressive International.

Writers, as well as union members working for Amazon Studios, are essential contributors to the success of Amazon’s entertainment ventures. However, they have faced declining wages and inadequate working conditions, which have sparked strikes and protests globally. The Make Amazon Pay coalition stands united with the striking writers and union members, demanding that studios, including Amazon, recognize the immense value created by their work and provide them with fairer compensation, improved working conditions and the respect they deserve. 

The global day of action encourages individuals and organizations to participate in various ways. Supporters are invited to demonstrate solidarity online by sharing photos with printable placards and using the hashtags #MakeAmazonPay, #WGAStrike and #UnionRights. Additionally, supporters can sign the official petition to voice their support directly to the WGA and other unions representing Amazon workers. 

The Make Amazon Pay coalition recognizes the interconnectedness of Amazon’s business practices, which affect working conditions globally. By standing together, workers and allies can build a powerful movement that transcends borders and industries, advocating for dignity, fair pay, improved working conditions and union rights for all. 

Make Amazon Pay invites individuals, organizations and allies to join the global day of action on Monday, 15 May 2023. Together, we can make a significant impact and demonstrate the collective power of the Make Amazon Pay movement. 

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