UNI Global Union joins governments and international organizations from around the world in calling for Israel to call off a ground invasion of Rafah.


Christy Hoffman, UNI General Secretary, said:

“Rafah was supposed to be the ‘safe haven’ for the more than one million Gazans who have squeezed into a small corner of Gaza in a desperate attempt to protect themselves from bombardment. Families are already crammed into makeshift tents and overcrowded schools, and food, water and medical supplies are scarce. A ground invasion of Rafah would lead to the slaughter of civilians on an enormous scale.

“Netanyahu’s cynical remark that those in Rafah are free to return north was unimaginably cruel. Most of their homes have been reduced to rubble. There is nowhere for them to go.”

UNI continues to advocate for an immediate end to the hostilities, a cease fire, unrestricted humanitarian aid and the release of hostages.