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Our colleagues from Sofidel in Poland are on strike today and need our support.

They have been in pay dispute for over 1 year – with local management delaying the process and not engaging in genuine dialogue.

So workers protested, used formal dispute procedure, including mediation, and now 99% of workers voted to have a warning strike on 3rd September 2018  (please see letter attached notifying about warning strike and explaining the reasons).

We would like to ask for your support by sending a solidarity message to Sofidel Group trade unions to write to Luigi Lazzareschi (lazzareschi.luigi@sofidel.com) and Hanna Konopko – Kotarba (hanna.Konopko-Kotarba@sofidel.com) expressing solidarity with protesting workers and calling for company to respect their Polish workers and resolve the dispute,  and attaching the letter about the warning strike.

Please send a copy of your solidarity message to nicola.konstantinou@uniglobalunion.org; mariusz.skrzypek@uniglobalunion.org; Rafal.Tomasiak@uniglobalunion.org and solidarnoscsofidel@gmail.com.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

Nicola Konstantinou, Head of UNI Graphical & Packaging