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UNI Global Union has begun providing practical advice to Ukrainian refugees in Poland as part of a support programme being run by its Central European organizing centre, COZZ, working together with its Polish affiliates. 

This week, COZZ representatives handed out information leaflets to Ukrainian refugees outside one of the new job centres in Warsaw that has opened to cater to the influx of refugees in the capital.

Nearly all the refugees looking for work were women and some had their children with them.

The leaflets, which have been produced in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, provide information on employment norms, rights and benefits in Poland, as well as the different types of employment contract. They also list ways to get in touch for help including a helpline and dedicated Telegram channel.

The leaflets denounce war and welcome refugees to Poland on behalf of UNI and the trade union movement, stressing that all workers are entitled to peace and protection of their rights. In a rallying call to refugees it calls on them to organize and join a union.

UNI General Secretary, Christy Hoffman, said:

“It’s so great to see our programme up and running and providing much needed support and assistance to Ukrainian women looking for work to survive and support their families. Our programme will help to stop exploitation of these workers and provide a trusted source of help and advice. We look forward to the programme developing further over the coming weeks.” 



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