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After a series of regional warning strikes and tough negotiations, UNI affiliate ver.di has made progress winning better wages for 55,000 Deutsche Telekom workers throughout Germany.

The tentative agreement would provide workers—pay-scale employees, trainees and dual students—significant pay increases and greater job security.

“With this good result, we are creating security and prospects for Deutsche Telekom employees, in particular for trainees and dual students. By doing this, we are also countering the impending shortage of skilled workers,” said ver.di negotiator Frank Sauerland.

The collective agreement is subject to the approval of the ver.di bargaining commission. The ver.di negotiating commission has unanimously recommended acceptance of the collective agreement. Read more about the details of the agreement here.

In the lead up to the third round of negotiations, some 12,000 workers took part in the regional warning strikes.

“ver.di members sent a clear signal to Deutsche Telecom, and the company seems to have heard it,” said UNI Global Union General Secretary Christy Hoffman. “This positive development shows the power of workers standing together.”


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