The World Players 2021 Census of Athlete Rights Experiences (CARE Report) details the results of the first global study on elite athletes’ experiences in sport as children. The report found that: 

  • more than half of the athletes surveyed reported experiencing emotional abuse at least once, 
  • one in three reported experiencing physical abuse while training or competing as children, 
  • one in two athletes were not aware of the existence of a union or player association, and  
  • almost 70% were not aware they had rights before the age of 18.  

Based on these and other findings, the report calls for sports organisations, governments, civil society, trade unions, player associations, and sponsors to embed RIGHTS into their foundation: Remedy, Inform, Govern, Harness, Train and Support. It also includes the “Ready to Respond handbook”, a guide for player development managers on how to support athletes who disclose abuse, harassment, or trauma in sports.