NSEF seeks uplifting of 6 million shop employees during Ramadan in Bangladesh


NSEF seeks uplifting of 6 million shop employees during Ramadan in Bangladesh

UNI affiliate, the National Shop Employees Federation (NSEF) held a press conference in front of the National Press Club, on March 12, 2024, demanding that shop and retail workers across Bangladesh receive an upliftment to their pay and benefits before Eid.

President of the Federation, Rafikul Islam Babul, alongside the General Secretary Amirul Haque Amin and other central leaders spoke up strongly for the 6 million workers from the shop, distributive, retail, and commerce sectors.

During the stand-up press conference, the NSEF leaders demanded that employers must:

  • Provide Eid bonus equivalent to 1 month’s salary for all shop employees
  • Pay salaries and allowances before Eid
  • Introduce a rationing system
  • Arrange a 1-day off in phases for shop employees in all shops (i.e., implement a leave rotation system)

Brother Amirul said,

“These shop employees work throughout Ramadan to make the Eid beautiful for people and earn profits for the shop owners. Sometimes they must work from morning till late night. Unfortunately, the shop employees mostly do not get Eid bonuses, and their salaries and allowances are not paid on time. They cannot even buy new clothes for their families due to the lack of holidays, let alone celebrate Eid with their families.”

Due to the persistent high inflation plaguing Bangladesh, the NSEF is also calling upon the government and employers to allocate funds to introduce a rationing system in the country so workers can secure food and essential supplies.

The Regional Secretary of UNI Asia & Pacific, Rajendra Acharya said, “We are very proud of the consistent and earnest struggle put in by our affiliate, NSEF. They have been fighting to improve the conditions of millions of shop workers in Bangladesh. We strongly support their call and urge the shop employers of Bangladesh to do better and do right by their employees!”