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As a result of the National Shop Employee Federation’s (NSEF) tireless efforts to improve the working conditions and rights of over 6 million shop and retail employees in Bangladesh, six unions have pledged to join the national federation, strengthening its ability to advocate for workers’ rights.

As another significant festival, Eid ul Adha approaches on 17 June, the UNI Global Union affiliate is raising its voice again to ensure shop and retail workers get their legally entitled festival bonus.

On 7 June, NSEF organized a human chain press conference outside the National Press Club in Dhaka, with more than a hundred workers participating to press their claims including the payment of Eid bonuses equivalent to one month’s salary, salary and overtime allowances incurred in May, and ensuring one day’s leave for all shop and retail employees in phases before Eid.

To strengthen their call, the NSEF proactively engaged the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Inspection of Factories and Establishments (DIFE) under the Labour Ministry. They succeeded in persuading the Inspector General to issue a special official circular to all 31 divisional DIFE offices, aiming to ensure the implementation of festival bonuses for shop and retail workers.

Translated version of Circular

The NSEF disseminated the circular and related documents to all local-level unions throughout Bangladesh, urging union leaders to engage with their respective DIFE offices and local owners’ associations. This bottom-up approach empowers the local unions to press their claims using the circular.  

The six unions pledging to join NSEF is a testament to the federation’s effective strategies and the recognition of their efforts by local unions.

UNI Global Union and UNI Asia & Pacific pay tribute to NSEF and strongly support their ongoing struggle for workers’ rights in Bangladesh.