Amazon workers in the United Kingdom and Spain have had enough – enough of too-low wages and enough of disrespectful treatment. That is why workers in Coventry and Seville are striking this week.

In the UK, members of UNI affiliate GMB union entered their eleventh day of strike action at Coventry site on 18 April, in the ongoing dispute with the retail giant. 

Workers there are campaigning for £15 an hour, up from the current £11 an hour, after Amazon made an offer of less than 50p to workers.  

GMB have announced that over 600 Amazon workers in Coventry have joined the union as strike ballots take place at five further Amazon depots. 

Amanda Gearing, GMB Senior Organiser, said: 

“Today is an historic day in an historic campaign. 

“Amazon said it would never happen, and that only a tiny number would join industrial action over their pay rise of pennies. 

“Today GMB union reaches 600 members at the Coventry site, with more joining every day. 

“Morale on the picket line is sky high and these workers aren’t giving up until they get the pay justice they deserve.” 

Workers are planning another round of strikes at the Coventry facility on 21 to 23 April. 

In Spain, UNI affiliates CC.OO and UGT launched a strike at 11pm on Sunday, 16 April.  The unions said that workers in Seville are walking out because of “excessive hours, with an overload of work that leads to injuries that are not recognized by the company’s medical services — who never recognize when workers get hurt on the job.”

Additionally, Amazon “has unilaterally decided to change the pay scale for work on Sundays and holidays, a lack of negotiation on the part of the company that is also reflected in the bonuses for professional categories or for dangerousness in the jobs.”

“The company’s refusal to pay a wage with dignity is insulting. Workers were in the fulfilment centres during worst of the pandemic, and every day they face physical and mental strain because of Amazon’s relentless demands,” said Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union. “We stand with these workers striking for the pay and recognition they deserve.” 


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