USW Local 4-200 reached an agreement after four months on the streets


USW Local 4-200 reached an agreement after four months on the streets

On December 1st, the United Steelworkers Local 4-200, which represents workers employed in health care, reached a preliminary agreement on a three-year contract with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick, in New Jersey.

This agreement includes increased wages, limited insurance costs, and the implementation of safe staffing ratios for over 1,700 nurses, who have been striking against the hospital’s unfair labor practices since August 4.

“Safe staffing is essential to both patient care and reducing burnout among health care workers,” said USW Local 4-200 President Judy Danella, in a USW press release. “This contract sets necessary staffing ratios so that we can spend more time with each of our patients and keep ourselves safe on the job,” Danella explained.

“While this agreement was hard-won, our dedication has resulted in a fair contract that addresses the pressing concerns of our nurses. The local bargaining committee firmly recommends its ratification,” she concluded.

UNI Care affiliates showed their support for USW’s members on the streets during the UNI 6th World Congress in Philadelphia and encouraged their campaign for a fair contract & safe workplace for nurses at Robert Wood Johnson.




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