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Cross-sector Groups SCORE

UNI SCORE (Strategic Campaigns, Organizing, Research and Education) supports campaigns and organizing work around the world through capacity building, training and a growing number of organizing centres.

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UNI Europa and COZZ Conference

Bridging the gap – improving knowledge and skills of Central Europe's workers in representation within Multinational companies

Colombian Organizing Centre

Founded in 2019, UNI's COE (Centro de Organización y Estrategias) has rapidly grown to employ organizers, communicators and campaigners throughout the country.

Colombia has emerged as a regional economic powerhouse, but its long history of hostility towards worker organizing persists. COE seeks to change that by helping workers at multinationals like Teleperformance and Fresenius build power.

Central European Organizing Centre

The Central European Organizing Centre (COZZ) launched to strengthen unions' organizing capacity as part of an overall effort to revitalize the region's labour movement. An ambitious project from the start, COZZ has helped workers in care facilities, call centres, IT companies, graphical & packaging employers, and beyond win a voice on the job in Poland, Czechia and Hungary.

European Power & Organizing Centre

The European Power & Organizing Centre (EPOC) programme brings together unions from across northern and western Europe to organize in a coordinated and effective way by building workers’ power. Its charge is to defend, extend and rebuild collective bargaining by providing support to affiliates in building sustainable structures.

South East Europe Organizing Centre

Launched at the 2021 UNI Europa Conference, UNI's South East Europe Organizing Centre (SEEOC) supports unions in Romania and Serbia in building campaigning capacity and membership. Through assisting affiliates with organizing campaigns, trainings, and strategy, the centre will work to expand collective bargaining while holding multinational employers to account.