Stand with unions in Argentina: Protect public broadcasting, preserve democracy!


Stand with unions in Argentina: Protect public broadcasting, preserve democracy!

UNI Global Union is calling on its affiliates in the media, entertainment & arts sector to support Argentinian unions as they battle to save public broadcasting in the country.

Lawmakers in Argentina are currently debating legislation that, if adopted, would grant the government authority to privatize and dismantle public media organizations—a move that threatens thousands of jobs and is an attack on democracy.

But it’s not too late to act. UNI’s affiliates in Argentina are appealing for international solidarity as they fight back against this assault on public broadcasting and independent media.

Show your support by sending letters to the legislators of the Republic of Argentina to convince the parliament that public broadcasting must stay. Additionally, we urge you to amplify our message on social media platforms, using the hashtags #DefendamosLosMediosPublicos and #lapatrianosevende, to raise awareness for this critical cause.



Extreme right Argentinian President Javier Milei has vowed to dismantle Radio y Televisión Argentina (RTA), Argentina’s public broadcasting group. This includes the 51 public radio stations and the renowned channels such as Canal 7, which is the oldest TV network in Argentina and has a long-standing history of broadcasting to remote areas, not covered by private companies. Other TV stations at risk include sports channel DEPORTV and educational channels Encuentro and Paka Paka.

“President Milei’s mission to destroy public broadcasting must be stopped. A robust and independent media is essential to a well-functioning democracy. It promotes cultural diversity and gives universal access to credible information. We join our Argentinian affiliates in calling on legislators to safeguard the country’s rich public media legacy for future generations,” said Marcio Monzane, Regional Secretary of UNI Americas.

In a letter to legislators, Matthew D. Loeb President of UNI’s media, entertainment and arts sector wrote:

“The world is watching closely the evolution of this attack on public communication and the important role that the Congress of the Republic of Argentina is playing at this juncture. We stand in solidarity with, support, and accompany SATSAID, all sister unions, and the workers of the public media of Argentina, and ask you to do everything in your power to prevent the government from moving forward with these policies that are so harmful to the Argentinian people.”

Horacio Arreceygor, General Secretary of SATSAID said: “The future of public media in Argentina is on a tightrope, and we are extremely grateful for the support of UNI Global Union and all its member unions as we fight to save jobs and uphold the principles of free expression, cultural diversity and democratic values.”

Miguel Paniagua, President of UNI Media, Entertainment & Arts in the Americas (Panartes), highlighted the solidarity within the sector, as they unite to defend public broadcasting alongside SATSAID, SALCO, AATRAC, and SUTEP. He emphasized that the quality of our democracy relies on this collective effort, emphasizing the crucial need for a media system that respects cultural diversity and freedom of speech.

Download template letters in English, French or Spanish to legislators of the Republic of Argentina below.