Teleperformance, UNI Americas and Utraclaro reach agreement in Colombia


Teleperformance, UNI Americas and Utraclaro reach agreement in Colombia

The following is a joint statement between Teleperformance UNI Americas and Utraclaro on Colombia. The official version of this statement is in Spanish.

Joint Statement
Teleperformance, UNI Americas and Utraclaro have reached an agreement for the implementation of the global agreement in Colombia

“To reinforce shared commitments regarding the rights of workers to organize in trade unions to engage in collective bargaining”

It is with great satisfaction that the three parties [Teleperformance, UNI Americas and Utraclaro] announce today that we have reached an agreement for the implementation in Colombia of the global agreement signed in Paris on 1 December 2022.

This agreement guarantees the exercise of union activity with freedom and autonomy to the workers’ organization present in Teleperformance Colombia. In addition, the agreement allows unions to have access to workers on the job to discuss the advantages of being part of the union.

Further, it creates space for the union to have digital access to remote workers as well as in-person employees at different locations. The company has shown a commitment to generating a constructive relationship in which it will continue to offer job opportunities in legal and dignified conditions. The company has made a public commitment that employees who decide to join the union, or who wish to play a broader role as a union representative or leader, will not be discriminated against.

This is how, for Colombia, the global agreement, signed by UNI Global Union and Teleperformance, is implemented, as it “is based on the recognition of fundamental labor rights established by the International Labour Organization and respect for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.”

It establishes measures, guarantees, spaces for dialogue and channels of communication between the union, workers and the company that allow for building a good relationship. And it facilitates the exercise of the freedom to unionize, which the parties define as a human right, whose recognition will bring benefits for all.

This historic agreement in Colombia represents the first implementation of the global agreement signed between UNI Global Union and Teleperformance. The agreement serves as a global model of how unions and companies can work together to ensure the protection of workers’ rights, the generation of decent and quality employment and social dialogue.

Teleperformance, Utraclaro and UNI are especially grateful to the Vice Minister of Labour Relations and Inspection, Edwin Palma Egea. Thanks to his mediation and to the Colombian Ministry of Labour, we reached an agreement beneficial to the parties and undoubtedly to Colombia.

Bogotá, April 18, 2023



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