Teleperformance Jamaica, UNI Global Union and BITU Trade Union announce new agreement


Teleperformance Jamaica, UNI Global Union and BITU Trade Union announce new agreement

Progress continues to be made after the signing of the global agreement between Teleperformance and UNI Global Union just over one year ago. We are pleased to announce this latest development in Jamaica.

Joint statement from Teleperformance Jamaica, UNI Global Union and BITU Trade Union announcing new agreement

Teleperformance Jamaica, UNI Global Union, and the BITU Trade Union are delighted to jointly announce the signing of a groundbreaking union agreement on 25 July 2023. This historic accord represents the largest of its kind in Jamaica, showcasing Teleperformance’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and employee-centric work environment.

This significant agreement signifies a remarkable step forward for both Teleperformance and its valued employees, as it recognizes and upholds the rights of all workers to join and participate in a trade union without encountering any hostility or impediment. We commend Teleperformance for taking this momentous stride in creating an atmosphere where the voices of its employees are heard and responded to with respect and consideration.

Crucially, the agreement ensures that management remains impartial and neutral in matters of organizing workers into a trade union.

Teleperformance recognizes that the decision to join a union is a personal one and firmly believes that it should solely rest with the employee. This pledge to impartiality represents a pivotal shift in the company’s approach, displaying Teleperformance’s progressive outlook on employee rights and representation.

We are pleased to affirm that this agreement extends the same equitable opportunities and access to union membership for both onsite workers and the remote workforce. The recognition of the remote workforce’s voice is a testament to Teleperformance’s forward-thinking and inclusive approach, considering the evolving nature of work and ensuring that all employees are equally empowered.

Teleperformance’s willingness to engage with trade union representatives reflects a commendable commitment to nurturing a constructive and collaborative relationship. We, as UNI Global Union and BITU Trade Union, look forward to working closely with Teleperformance to foster an environment of mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation.

This agreement exemplifies Teleperformance’s pioneering leadership in embracing the aspirations and concerns of its employees, setting an inspiring example for businesses in Jamaica and beyond. We believe that by acknowledging and supporting the rights of workers, Teleperformance is laying the foundation for enhanced workplace well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity.

As we move forward together, we celebrate this landmark moment and remain dedicated to fostering a positive, inclusive, and productive work environment at Teleperformance Jamaica. The spirit of partnership displayed in this agreement reinforces the notion that when businesses and trade unions collaborate, they can effectively address the challenges of the modern workplace, making it a better place for everyone.


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