CBA win at Manmohan Memorial Medical College & Teaching Hospital in Nepal


CBA win at Manmohan Memorial Medical College & Teaching Hospital in Nepal

Manmohan Memorial Medical College & Teaching Hospital, a teaching college with 300 beds and about 500 workers, has recently reached a significant milestone in their efforts to establish a union. The workers have been working towards this goal for the past decade, but faced resistance from management who were anti-unionist. Despite these obstacles, the workers persisted in their efforts, and with the constant support of UNIPHIN Nepal, they were finally able to register their union in 2022.

One of the key agreements reached is on salary increases for workers. The workers will receive an increment of 3,000 for levels 0-6, 2000 for levels 6-8, and 1000 for levels 9 and above. In addition, workers will be provided with proper official appointment letters, and those who have worked for the company for more than five years will automatically be upgraded. Transport facilities were also a major point of discussion in the CBA, with management agreeing to provide transport for workers from their residence to work and back. Night shift workers will also be provided with a night duty allowance of 150rs. Furthermore, the workers will be given facilities of getting advance salary in case of need.

Another important aspect of the CBA was the agreement on maternity leave for both male and female workers. Female workers will be given 60 days of maternity leave while male workers will be given 9 days. Workers will also be given financial support in case of a family member’s death, and they will have to take time off to perform the rituals. The CBA also includes a provision for the workers to discuss any issues that may arise with management before resorting to the SSF (Strike Settlement Forum), and pay rises will be given every two years based on the growth of the organization. The management also committed to creating a safer working environment without any discrimination, and workers in the lab and radiology departments will be given an extra 500rs as hazard allowances.

UNI Asia & Pacific Regional Secretary Rajendra Acharya said “This is a huge win for UNIPHIN and the workers of Manmohan Memorial Medical College & Teaching Hospital. We welcome the collective agreement which is a winning step towards strengthening worker rights in Nepal”.

Union President Mr. Shiva KC stated, “Despite the influential political leaders on the board of directors and chairman, the union’s recent agreement on 70% of their collective bargaining is a breakthrough in our decade-long efforts, we are highly encouraged to continue fighting for the rights of workers in our hospital and showing support and solidarity to other unions as well”.




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